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The key to unlocking growth, flow, innovation and creativity within your team & community.

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Create a culture change in your team and organization by learning how to get out of automatic, rigid, left brain thinking where

potential is limited.

Instead, access limitless, right brain creative thinking, intuitive solutions and problem solving to experience transformation and access new levels of growth in your business.

Meet Your Coach

Jennifer Jane Young is an Intuitive Business & Leadership Advisor, Founder of The School of Intuitive Leadership and former United Nations Consultant. She helps entrepreneurs & leaders find the path of least resistance, make the biggest impact and create sustainable, aligned success through right brain/intuitive leadership.

She brings together the last 13+ years of her experience, coaching, advising and managing start ups to multi-6 and 7-figure businesses, her background in Yogatherapy and experience leading a community of entrepreneurs for the United Nations of 5000+ members, in partnership with the International Trade Centre in Geneva, Switzerland.

Jennifer is the author of "Say YES to your YES: How to trust your gut and take the leap” and lives in between Canada and Mexico with her 2 rescue dogs.

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Jennifer helps leaders & change makers who are making a big, bold impact in the world identify the limitations that they have placed upon themselves which is keeping them from expansion

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Jenn speaking to the United Nations (2021)

Jennifer teaches Intuitive Leadership at a

United Nations event

Jenn’s Work Out in the World

Breaking down leadership with GoMobi (2023)

Jennifer on buidling high-performance teams through Right Brain Leadership

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Different industries face unique challenges from innovation bottlenecks, to cultural resistance, to change, to disengaged teams. Leadership, the right brain way will help you, your team and your community unlock the path to the solutions that initiate the growth you are seeking.

Identifying the best strategy forward can be difficult as well. Fortunately, you can book Jenn for a free consultation to see how she can help.

Invite Jenn to give a workshop, speak at an upcoming conference or bring her to one of your company retreats to work with your team!

The Workshop

Right Brain Fundamentals

Learn about the limitless potential of the right brain, how physiology can impact your creative thinking skills and the ideal internal environment that needs cultivating to become an Intuitive Leader

Unlocking your YES

Learn how to get comfortable with the creative process and risk taking so that you can take action on your creative inspirations and ideas and take imperfect action towards growth and success!

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